Breakfast for the Spirit

If you have the ability to connect to the internet and perhaps read a blog, then you may also be in a position to afford to purchase food and enjoy 2 or 3 meals each day. You also realize the nutrient value of the first meal of the day, breakfast. Breakfast is important for many reasons, the first of which is boosting the energy centers of our bodies, our brains, heart and all other vital organs. Eating a balanced healthy breakfast not only boosts our metabolism, it also helps our minds to focus and become productive, balances our blood sugar levels and prevents us from feeling hungry throughout the day. Generally, we experience a more positive mood and outlook from morning to-night. The sun shines a little brighter as vital nutrients are absorbed into our systems. There are numerous reasons why breakfast is a requirement for our overall health and well-being. Those who eat breakfast can attest to this truth of healthy living.

How about a spiritual breakfast? Consumption of a healthy spiritual breakfast is also crucial to our overall well-being. But, what exactly do we put in our bowl or on our plate. Do you toast it? Spiritual breakfasts appear different to varying people and cultures. What is similar is that this early morning ritual improves all our lives. For Muslims and Monks it is the call to prayer before dawn. Some people begin with a yoga practice, a walk or jog. For others it is a time in stillness while the world still sleeps, being mindful, grateful or setting an intention for the day. Some light candles, others dance or chant. Tai chi may be an option or swimming. Loving embraces and words of kindness. Singing. There is no right or wrong spiritual breakfast. Rather, it is imperative that we begin our day with some practice to feed our soul.

Feeding our soul in the morning changes our day in profound ways. Our energy vibrates in harmonious colors and ranges bright and beautiful. Our bodies and minds feel more centered  rather than scattered and chaotic. We are better able to cope with stress and meet challenges. We walk through the day with purpose aware of our surroundings and place within it. We accomplish our tasks with ease and lightness. Our purpose and intention clarify and gel. Our breath remains balanced without frantic short breaths and forced huffing and puffing. Our heart beats steady, in rhythmic bliss. Our footsteps land light, in line, balanced. Our faces smiling, laughter dances at the corners and kindness rolls off the tips of our tongues. Feeding our soul in the early morning reminds us to return there in spirit throughout the day, with ease. Our entire outlook on life and living transformed into landscapes of  beauty and awe-inspiring centred thought. Positive.

Your soul like your stomach knows when it is hungry and requires some form of nourishment. You body is aware of the difference between healthy and not. Your soul craves the whole grains, fruit and vegetables upon the table of plenty.  Like any important life revision we attempt, be it a healthy diet, exercise or sleep, change takes time and repetition. It must become a habit in order for healthy modification to have a positive effect on our minds, bodies and soul. You will not see the results immediately but, just give it a couple of weeks. Keep a journal, practice with a friend, and when all else fails, seek out a spiritual advisor. Dessert is the sweetness of your soul revealed except it is calorie free.  Eat a healthy breakfast and nourish your body and soul. This is the Soul food that can nourish and change the world one bite at a time.


9 thoughts on “Breakfast for the Spirit

  1. Kash Pals

    “Soul food that can nourish and change the world one bite at a time.”-Well said. Our minds are tormented with work, anxiety and high performance throughout the day. We need to make time to chill, to take time for ourself. A spiritual breakfast in form of meditation
    and prayer are superb ways to achieve this goal. When you chill, you get smarter and energized to face the day.

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  2. satinka

    For the past six months, before sleep and upon waking I’ve been spending an hour or two in meditation. I’m finding it to be profoundly helpful. It’s good for me. I also journal (as in “inquiry”) when I feel stuck somewhere. It slows my brain down and next thing I know my body is calm. Actually, it works both ways. Sometimes in bodily stillness, my brain slows down. It’s all good for me. I love your blog!

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