Soul Parts

The Singing Soul

Soul parts. The sun and the moon and everything in between. Soul parts are pieces of ourselves that finally come together like a completed puzzle, hopefully before our time on this earth ends. If not, we leave with work unfinished, soul parts wishing we had more time, regrets. Soul parts are what we came here to complete, to rise to the next stage of enlightenment, fix, oil and grease. A squirt of love here, illuminating dark corners there, the elation of joy and sorrow of despair everywhere. Some come to heal past traumas or experience new traumas, some to lead, others to teach. Some to rise above and others to sink below and all the while each of us live our own life. Each of us bringing to this life soul parts completed and those left undone. Each with whole soul parts and broken pieces. Our soul parts make us who we are and our journeys unique. What…

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