The Soul and The Ego

This is a comparison of the soul and the ego. A comparison after much thought and ponder constantly playing on the edges of my mind in dreams and daily life. It is the constant back and forth of many of my blog themes and is now moving from shadow into the light. Perhaps it is the daily ado of our world and the people presently upon the stage which instigates this current culmination of ink. Perhaps it is the synchronicity I have come to know and follow, leading me on my soul path, writing this blog.  It is the see-saw and back and forth between good and evil, dark and light, love and hate, fear. The soul and the ego represent this see-saw defining soul as good, compassion, empathy, divine purpose and love. The ego therefore, dark, shadow, jealousy, envy, power and control. These two entities represent the battle within and the battle without. The battles between self and others. The war between human kind and mother nature. The duel between soul and ego is played out in all facets of life and living.

The soul is our divine source of life. It is our guide, our intuition, our knowing and reason. The soul is the angel sitting upon your right shoulder. It is the wings that lift you in times of despair and hopelessness. The soul spans eons from the beginning of time and carries information from lifetime to lifetime. Our bodies and egos return to dust. Do you know you were born from the stars dotted about the Universe. The very same energy contained within the Universe and the stars is formed in you. And still you question your purpose and reason for being upon this earth. Encased within your soul is the book of you. There is no story written of hatred, jealousy, envy or fear. There is no line that states do something different toward others than that which you would like done unto you. The book is written in one language. Love. It is the language we all understand. Love overrides judgement and comparison. Love simply is the greatest energy of all. The energy we call our soul. The energy of this vast Universe.

Our personalities are composed of three parts, the id, the ego and the superego. This fact is the work and study of Freud on the human psyche. The id is the impulsive and unconscious part and describes the newborn child. The id is the instinct and exists for the purpose of having its needs met. The ego functions as a decision maker and takes into account social norms, etiquette and rules. The ego is adept at devising strategies to seek pleasure and avoid pain. The ego is formed around the age of three. The superego is developed around age 5 and is learned from our parents and others who impact our developing life. Guilt or feeling pride and the strive for perfection within us, is the function of the superego. This is a very simplistic view of the human psyche and years long works and study by Freud. Having said that, this is the basis of psychology and clinical direction today.

The ego, developed very early in life, is shaped by the people who nurture us or not, model behaviors, standards, morals and yes, even prejudice. If we are raised in environments where love is prevalent, our needs are met, we are valued, listened to and respected, the balance between soul and ego is attained. When we are raised to be tolerant, just and kind and to display empathy for others, then our egos grow up healthy too. Both angels of soul and ego have a balanced weight. On the other hand, if the ego is developed in an environment where needs are not met, there is a lack of love, being heard or respected, the ego becomes bruised and misaligned instead seeking self-worth through dis-empowering others. The overwhelming desire to be better than, know more than, be more than, have more than, more, more and more. The angel of a more-than ego weighs heavily on the left shoulder, burdens, weight, power and control. The opposite of soul.

As adults, we have choice. We instinctively know the difference between good and bad, love and hate, compassion and hurt, meanness. Yes, we can undo the learning of our yesteryear although this does take some work and effort on our part. Your soul, the ways in which it speaks to you of love and knowing, the signs leading you on your path are always there. There are books written, videos made, talks and retreats available. There are friends and groups and goodness and light. There are simply choices everywhere and all around us. And there is your soul, the best mentor in the whole world who will never lead you astray. Acknowledge your ego and its wants and needs but, do not feed it. When you starve your ego, you nourish your soul. Start by doing one small act of kindness for someone. Your soul will sing and your heart will begin to grow. The weight on your left shoulder will ease and you will stand tall, perhaps for the first time. The sun will shine upon your heart and a smile will touch your eyes. And when it is your time to leave this beautiful existence remember this, it is your soul that travels with you and your ego is left behind. The soul contains all the love experienced and expressed in your lifetime. And in that final moment, when your heart breaks open and the ego is released, your soul will once again whisper,”Welcome home. I missed you.” For in heaven, among the energy of the stars, there is no ego.

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