When The Time Is Right

Timing is everything as the saying goes. Timing is the beat we adhere to in our individual lives. Our timing, like our heartbeat, is felt within. Prolonged stress, excitement and every emotion we experience affects the timing of our heart. Our heartbeat is the internal drumbeat of our lives. It is the energy driver that helps us keep up with the busy pace of life. Our internal clock, the tick tock and thump thump, lets us know that indeed we are alive. Yes, when the time is right we feel it in our heart space. The heart is the go button, the stop sign, the space where time lives. Our heartbeat is our guidance system, the involuntary driver, the navigator. And if you were to turn off every clock, media and sound, would you then hear the beat of your heart and know when the time is right?

We live in a time when our needs are met instantly. We literally wait for nothing except maybe pay days. Items are available year round. If one store doesn’t carry it, there are many others who do. But, somewhere embedded in this false sense of security is the truth of the matter. Just stop and consider how life and timing really work. How we lull ourselves into believing we are able to control time ignoring the natural beat of life. How speeding everything up from the growth of our food to the activities we pack into our days, to the increased hours we work, somehow makes life easier despite the exhaustion we feel in every cell of our bodies. Storm days can be a blessing for they force us to slow down, stop and rest. Do we become so involved in the fast pace of life that we fail to notice natural timing? Are we aware of the consequences of rushing our timing? Perhaps!

Let’s consider natural or divine timing for a moment. Conception to birth has not changed since the beginning of time. The seasons which guide the growth and sleep of nature are the same. The cycles of the sun and the moon, day and night, months and years, unchanged. Music and songs and orchestras, variations on a beat. Relationships, coming together and moving apart, heartfelt. Migration, floods and droughts. The heart beat of love. Everything in its own time. These are the things which cannot be rushed or controlled. This is the timing of patience, knowing and understanding. The beat of the heart cannot be anything except what it is meant to be. Timing and life. The heart does not question its own beat. It simply is. When we are in tune with our own timing, life flows and we float upon the river of life. When we are out of tune with our timing, we struggle to swim against the current.

Time moves us forward. Looking back in time is located in our stored memories where time has stopped. The pace of our world is increasing rapidly leaving many feeling like they can never catch up, are running short of time, are always late. Constantly fueling the tank of time with gas that costs too much. A heart that races from morning to night, out of sync with its own natural rhythm. A breath shallow and light. The pace of life and the timing we adhere to is a choice. A choice which requires mindful balance. A time to become still and quiet to hear our own heartbeat. A time in nature to reconnect with the music of life. Do you know the beat of your own heart? When was the last time you placed your hand over your heart or the heart of another and felt life ? Do you know the heartbeat of your own loved ones or the beat of the song they dance to everyday? How is it the same or different from yours? Timing is everything. The time is right when you can feel your own rhythm. Nature does not require a Fitbit. Listen to your heartbeat and surrender to the timing of your life. This is how you will come to know when the time is right.

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” – Lao Tzu

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