You Get What You Deserve

Well, right off the bat, I am sorry to disappoint my readers who believe you get what you deserve. Who told you that? I recall the statement from early childhood as a lesson for deemed inappropriate behavior. As if somehow God and the Universe were out to get you if you didn’t behave according to established familial norms and laws. How many adults have internalized these words. How many of us believe today that indeed we get what we deserve. Well, lets blow that one out of the water people. Here is the truth. You do not get what you deserve. You must create it. And now a moment of reflection.

Create it you say. What exactly does that mean? Let’s say you have been a “good” person and you believe you deserve a reward in return. If this is your belief then you might go around telling everyone of your good deeds, printing articles in papers, accepting awards and recognition, accepting gifts and accolades. This you created and your ego is happy. Or perhaps you told no one and had no expectations of a return on your goodness. Believed your goodness would find its way in the Universe to help those who need it most. And then one day you learn that your goodness helped someone through a difficult time in their life or put food on their table and clothes on their back. The recipient never knowing the contributor of their life saving fortune. Your soul is happy. You created both. The difference is, the choice is yours. Feed the ego or feed the soul. You create what you believe you deserve.

Let’s say someone created a situation that was hurtful to you, something you felt was undeserving. Again your belief may be that you need to defend yourself and tell everyone about this terrible misfortune. To attack the integrity of the offender and hurt them back. To stand strong that they must get what they deserve. Tit for tat. An eye for an eye.  Your ego will soar. Now flip the coin. Instead you simply walk away. Do not take it personally. Have value and belief in your self that no ones words or actions can hurt you unless you choose to believe that you indeed deserve it. You instead create what you truly deserve. Perhaps you owe an apology. Maybe to understand where the person has come from or is going. Everyone has a sad story. Perhaps to let it go, resolve. To come to terms with the fact that not everyone will love you, agree with you, like you. And that is OK.  You again will create what you think you deserve.

Confusing? Le me try to clarify. If you believe from the bottom of your heart that you deserve to be happy, then it is up to you to create it. In life, in relationships, inside of your self, from your soul. If you believe you deserve to be treated with respect, love and dignity, then create it in all your relationships with self and others. Create what you deserve from your soul for the ego will always lead to creations which you and no one else is deserving of. You are brought here to create beautiful things established on the canvas of life. If you don’t  already know, you are a creator along with your Divine Being. Together you create. It is not accomplished by one or the other. Creating is a joint venture. Creating all things beautiful is what we all deserve. Create it, share it, see your soul creations spread to the far reaches of the earth. Believe me when I tell you, You deserve it. Along with every other soul upon this earth.

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