Angels Among Us

Sunday Angel

This is one of those stories where on an ordinary day, a day not unlike most others, you experience an angel in your midst. From out of nowhere they come forth to change the circumstance of your day, to brighten the skies gray and dim, to deliver a message of hope or inspiration, to simply smile and acknowledge your presence. Most times to bestow a gift. Regardless of the way in which they come into your life and the impact felt or the change that is made, you know and understand that this indeed is an angel sent to bring light into your world.  Angels come in all shapes and sizes. Their connection to your soul undeniable. A blessing.

Sunday was an ordinary day which held an ordinary plan for ordinary events to be carried out. Events such as completing chores and purchasing items. You know, the hub bub of daily life. But, life sometimes has other plans and circumstances can change abruptly refocusing our days direction. In an instant, coming out of left field, the days events, mood, pace and calm can come to an end. Having learned the art of letting go and accepting this unforeseen change, I set off in new directions searching for the sunshine amid the early morning haze. Along the drive, fields barren from the lingering winter were beginning to be lit with the morning sun. Geese pecking at the frozen ground were barely visible upon the leftover strands of wheat shafts still frozen upright on fields of burnt umber. The crows have returned to this still barren land and catch my eye with their black against the blue sky. The sun is rising higher and I am surrounded by warmth. My mind drifts to the earlier events of the morning. I feel my body tense against my breath which longs to deeply enter my lungs. I purposely unclench my jaw and relax my shoulders. I make the conscious effort to change my thoughts and let it all go. Flow with the river, I tell myself. They are comforting words.

I have important tasks to complete today despite the earlier disruptions to my day. One such task is to purchase new tires, my winter tires still hugging the road, as the weather is steadily becoming warmer in my corner of the world. As I interact with the knowledgeable young woman assisting me, I am impressed with the way she navigates in this mechanical world in which she works. Her coveralls only add to her cheerful disposition amid the scents and smells of rubber and grease. I am quickly on my way. I pick up a couple of items I need for home and look for a shorter checkout line. I feel my stomach rumbling and realize I am hungry but, not really wanting to take time out for a quick bite. I will wait, I convince myself. All of a sudden a woman approaches me and exclaims, ” I love your glasses!” She is bright with smiles and tattoos and quirky hair but, her sparkle is undeniable. She is the woman in front of me in line, I realize finally, as she offers to let me go ahead of her having just two items in my hands. I thank her for the kind offer and decline informing her that today I am just “chillin” as the saying goes and am in no hurry at all. She likes my response about the “chillin” and we begin to converse. We talk about glasses, optometrists, her move into the area, the difficulty in finding good service providers, you know, everyday sort of stuff. Nothing very deep just light and easy. Her mood is contagious, uplifting. Her energy undeniable. I realize I am hungry after all, throw caution to the wind and decide on an ice cream cone, despite my slightly elevated cholesterol levels. As I wait in line, she, the lady with the bright smile, slips in front of me alongside her son who is saving a place for her. We continue to laugh and talk almost oblivious to the other people surrounding us. She notices I order an ice cream cone and exclaims with glee, “are you getting dessert first” and before I can reply she says,”So am I! What a great idea!” and proceeds to order her ice cream too. She turns to thank me because she says that I have helped her in so many ways today. And then, she pays for my ice cream. I tell her how kind she is and thank her. I am once again on my way with footsteps lighter, breath softer, a smile in my heart.

I helped her! But, oh how she has helped me. Eating my ice cream I barely remember her face or the sound of her voice. I do remember her quirky hair! And I definitely remember the lightness and sunshine she imprinted on my soul. I never even asked her name and she did not ask for mine. How can anyone doubt there are angels among us. They come when we need them most, when our souls need to be replenished, when we thirst, when our hands and hearts need a squeeze. When we simply need something. There are angels among us and we are asked to take a moment, to acknowledge their presence in the most extraordinary souls that step into our day.  I do not think angels come with trumpeting horns, thunder and lightening. I do not think they arrive in chariots driven by white horses and unicorns but, I guess they could.  Angels arrive quietly, unassuming with all the energy of the Universe contained for the purpose of bringing us a gift.  Take the time to search for the feathers they may have left behind.  Those feathers let you know you have an angel watching over you. Those feathers caress your soul. Thank you Sunday Angel for brightening my day.

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