When The Time Is Right

The Singing Soul

Timing is everything as the saying goes. Timing is the beat we adhere to in our individual lives. Our timing, like our heartbeat, is felt within. Prolonged stress, excitement and every emotion we experience affects the timing of our heart. Our heartbeat is the internal drumbeat of our lives. It is the energy driver that helps us keep up with the busy pace of life. Our internal clock, the tick tock and thump thump, lets us know that indeed we are alive. Yes, when the time is right we feel it in our heart space. The heart is the go button, the stop sign, the space where time lives. Our heartbeat is our guidance system, the involuntary driver, the navigator. And if you were to turn off every clock, media and sound, would you then hear the beat of your heart and know when the time is right?

We live in a time when our…

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