Create Always

“We do not create for the approval of others. We create because it is what we are called to do. The song of the soul is far louder than the applause of  humankind.” – Christine Wasnie

Creating and creators are a beautiful thing. The greatest works created centuries ago remain a part of lives today in museums across the world. The works of Leonardo Da Vinci, a light in our lives inspiring awe and wonder. The works of the great creators revealing hidden treasures still today. Unlocking the mysteries of the pyramids, ancient writings and texts, artwork hidden in caves, books and scrolls unearthed, brought into the light enabling scholars to view mysteries kept secret for millennia. Where would our world be without authors, inventors, crafters, artists, artisans and the inspired mind of all to create.

Not every person sees creations in the same way. Some love, some hate, some squint their eyes, others deny the creative ability. Some have to have, some cry, smile and laugh. Others want to possess because it touches and speaks to their soul in profound and moving ways. Some feel they have been there before in past lives and can relate to the characters displayed upon the canvas or written in the story. Others pass by wondering what all the ado is about. And still the creators create. Oblivious to the chatter which surrounds them.

Everyone of us creates everyday. The food we eat in the recipes we attempt. The ideas we put forth in our workplaces. In the clothes we choose to adorn our bodies, our haircuts, our makeup, our laughter. Our children. The plants you plant, the landscape of your life. The way in which we create our relationships with others. The way we express love. The way we choose to live. The paint color on our walls. The furniture in our homes. Each expression and choice a reflection of our inner creation and knowing. You are a creative being living a creative life.

Each of us is gifted a box of crayons when we enter this life. Some are content with the box of 6. A box of 12, 24, 36 or 100’s are sought by others. Given the same picture to paint, each of us chooses our own view and colors. And then there are the great creators who melt the crayons all together creating new and wonderful images and designs. There really is no judgement to be had in the choices people make. When judgement is removed it is then the true picture is revealed. For the outcome is the creation rather than the creator. When you look at the Sistine Chapel do you see the face of Leonardo or do you see his creation?

“If you do not like the author, do not buy the book. Your clouded lens will obscure the true beauty hidden within the words.”- Christine Wasnie  

Rather than critiquing the creations of others, concentrate your energy on creating your own beautiful works of life. Take joy and be happy in all you create for this is what you have been called to do. If you cannot sing, you can still enjoy the voices of great tenors and sopranos, rock bands and folk artists, the Beatles. If you cannot paint, you are able to enjoy looking at works of beauty. If you cannot dance, you can tap your toes. If you do not agree, you can refrain from speaking negatively. But then again, even negative publicity sells great works of creation. Let nothing or no one in this world stop you from fulfilling your soul purpose. Hum along to the song of your own singing soul. You are the creator of your own life.

2 thoughts on “Create Always

  1. swritings

    “If you do not agree, you can refrain from speaking negatively.”…. Exactly! People are just so eager to lash out, even for the smallest things….! Very thought-provoking post! Great read!

    Liked by 1 person


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