You Are Enough

Do you wake each day trying to be someone’s everything? With thoughts of needing to be a better spouse, a better parent, a better colleague, friend, listener, giver. That you need more. More money, clothes, bigger house, better food, basically more and better of everything. Do you believe that you are lacking in some way, a common comparison to others. Do you look in the mirror and think my body is failing me, I am too tall or short. Do you think about your shoe size? What is going on inside your head each day when awake, as you re-enter the world, as you fall asleep each night? Do you believe you are enough just as you are this second, minute, hour? Today.

If not, try this. Wake each day and say out loud, “What a great sleep I had.” Rise and look at the rising sun and say, “Thank you for this day.” Look in the mirror and shout, “Good morning you wonderful being who will do their best in all things today.” Think to yourself, I am enough just the way I am. There is nothing more I need. There is nothing more I want. There simply is nothing more in this moment than to stand in the truth of myself. That I am enough just the way I am.

The reality is, the more we believe we lack in any area of our lives, the more we seek to have. To fill the void of perceived lack. Society and advertising knew long before we did that humans don’t like themselves and will buy into the notion they need fixing. And guess what, humans have bought into this idea hook, line and sinker. It is in our face 24/7. On TV, social media, advertisements flashing with neon lights, on moving vehicles. Even our animals are wearing the latest trends. Media sells the concept that you will never be enough. So, why are you buying? Because the ego is a great customer.

It is hard to believe you are enough in today’s society. I get that. But, can you allow yourself the real luxury of an “I am Enough” holiday. Just one day a week where you really try to live and believe the concept that you are lovely just as you are. Can you take the time to actually look around your environment and make a mental list of just how much you do have already. Not only material goods but things like love, friendships, family, health, restful sleep, a bed, clean water, a doctor or nurse. Do you have enough? Are you enough? Your soul thinks you are. You just need to believe. And when you believe, you will live it everyday. You will probably have a little leftover to share with others. You are enough just the way you are. 

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