The Space Between the Pearls

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, space or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break.” -Ancient Chinese Proverb

Pearls are familiar to everyone, cultured, iridescent, imitation, pink and black. Their origins in oceans deep are rare like the pearls themselves. Strung together to form expensive jewellery or adorned on clothing, their beauty cannot be denied. Draped across the fine musculature of the neck , a sight to behold.  There are other jewels strung together to create Malas and Rosaries but, rather than admiring their beauty, they are used in prayer and meditation across various cultures. Often worn as a reminder of the persons connection with the Divine to seek a calmer mind, body and spirit.

Pearls, Malas and Rosaries are stung together each bead connected to the next, a part of a common circle. What the string is made of is of little significance compared to the brilliance of the bead. But, without the string there would be no circle of mindfulness and beauty. The string in the space between is the binding required to keep it all together. Without it, everything definitely falls apart, separate entities. Retrieving each bead a difficult task once the circle is broken.

Sometimes, the string gets all tangled and knotted, stretched and pulled.  Really taken to the limits of its ability to function as the strength that holds it all together. When our patience is tried and the breath heavy, we give up and may toss our possession into a corner, jewellery box or forgotten space. Then, we remember it once again with longing, yearning, nostalgia or simply desire to return to our calmer mind, spirit and body. To resurrect for that special occasion. Retrieved, we once again tackle that tangled knot with perseverance and patience, resilience.

For you see, we are the beads which require a circle of string to hold us all together. Whether you are a bead of beauty like the pearl, cultured and refined, a bead of a rosary used in deep and thoughtful repetitive prayer, or a mala in meditative silent or loud chanting, the string is the substance which holds us together. The space which asks nothing really, other than to just be for the purpose it was brought here to be. It is the space which is quiet and does not speak aloud. The string knows its function without question and does not vie for its position with the bead. The string in the space between the beads is the most powerful of all and yet, goes unnoticed until tangled or knotted.

The string in the space between the pearls is your soul. It connects you with everyone and everything regardless of whether they are pearls, malas or rosaries. The gems are you, here to fulfill a purpose. You are not able to disconnect from your Source, the Universe, yourself. Yes, the string which binds you will get tangled and knotted along the way and yes, you can toss it in a corner for a time. But, it will always call you back to find the strength and patience to untangle the knots of your life. The soul has a wonderful purpose in the space between the pearls. It is to support, tangle and stretch until you become the gem you were brought here to be. Next time you come across a string of pearls, a Mala or Rosary, take a closer look at the string and the space inbetween. Sometimes the hidden pearls are far more valuable than what we see with our eyes wide open. 


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