The Weight of Burdens

“In order to fly, you must give up the things that weigh you down.” – Toni Morrison 


Each person carries the weight of burdens on their journey upon the path. Burdens can begin at a young age, for children with no capacity to problem solve solutions. Instead these burdens are internalized and become wounds of the flesh at cellular levels within the body. Teenagers may carry burdens of bullying and peer pressure, isolation and social media out-casting. Secrecy, shame and the internal mental battle for understanding can have devastating results. Again, these burdens are internalized at the cellular level of our being. And as cells do, they grow with us into adulthood, our perceptions of life and relationships, our ability to trust, have empathy, build relationships and strong foundations going forward in life. Burdens have no function other than to weigh us down, keep us grounded, stuck. Everyone of us has within the desire to fly, to reach our soul purpose with lightness and ease.

Sometimes we deny or do not acknowledge the burdens we carry. This may be due to fear, guilt, shame or the burdens may be buried so deep we are unwilling to dig them up. Some may think they do not want to burden others, instead pretending their footsteps are light and easy. Some think they are alone and no one else would possibly understand their burdens. And for some, their burdens are so heavy, silence is the only option. But, silence and secrecy are not options. Just think for a moment of all the acts committed against humanity in secrecy and what could be different if people knew.

We are now living in a time of transparency and truth, coming forward, speaking out. The world we think we know is changing, rapidly. Old ways of doing no longer work or serve a purpose in this world. The world is waking up and speaking out, demanding to be heard. Mostly due to social media but, I believe humanity is attempting to find the courage to do what is right and just. And while changing old patterns and belief systems can be a slower process, steps are being taken on this courageous journey of souls. Progress is being made. Souls are tired and depleted carrying the burdens that others have inflicted upon them. Souls want to lay down their burdens because they know deep inside burdens keep them from fulfilling their purpose. The world is getting ready to fly. People want to soar.

The world begins with you. You laying down your burdens so that you might have the lift to take flight. To begin, think of creating a pre-flight list of all the burdens you carry from the past and present. Write every thing down and then do a check of how you feel. You may need to do this action for quite some time taking pause to check in with your feelings and to notice if you begin to feel a little bit lighter. You may need to confide in someone, share with a person you trust. And as your burdens ease and your body becomes lighter, you will then hear your soul encouraging you to fly. Just like a baby bird leaving the nest, the desire to fulfill your soul purpose will outweigh your fear.

Burdens serve no purpose other than to weigh you down and keep you grounded. Everyone carries them but, not all carry them forever. Release yourself and refuse to carry any burdens in the future. When you learn to fly life will look a whole lot different. How could it not when you are soaring among the clouds feeling the sun upon your face and reaching for the stars. Do not allow the burdens of others to ground you so that they may fly higher. Your only task is to shed your burdens so that you may feel the wind beneath your own wings. Your angels are waiting for you and are singing out the song of your soul. Look up for your burdens have kept you looking in the wrong direction for far to long. Lay down the burdens of yesterday. Be grounded in your own knowing that you can fly. 

Create Always

“We do not create for the approval of others. We create because it is what we are called to do. The song of the soul is far louder than the applause of  humankind.” – Christine Wasnie

Creating and creators are a beautiful thing. The greatest works created centuries ago remain a part of lives today in museums across the world. The works of Leonardo Da Vinci, a light in our lives inspiring awe and wonder. The works of the great creators revealing hidden treasures still today. Unlocking the mysteries of the pyramids, ancient writings and texts, artwork hidden in caves, books and scrolls unearthed, brought into the light enabling scholars to view mysteries kept secret for millennia. Where would our world be without authors, inventors, crafters, artists, artisans and the inspired mind of all to create.

Not every person sees creations in the same way. Some love, some hate, some squint their eyes, others deny the creative ability. Some have to have, some cry, smile and laugh. Others want to possess because it touches and speaks to their soul in profound and moving ways. Some feel they have been there before in past lives and can relate to the characters displayed upon the canvas or written in the story. Others pass by wondering what all the ado is about. And still the creators create. Oblivious to the chatter which surrounds them.

Everyone of us creates everyday. The food we eat in the recipes we attempt. The ideas we put forth in our workplaces. In the clothes we choose to adorn our bodies, our haircuts, our makeup, our laughter. Our children. The plants you plant, the landscape of your life. The way in which we create our relationships with others. The way we express love. The way we choose to live. The paint color on our walls. The furniture in our homes. Each expression and choice a reflection of our inner creation and knowing. You are a creative being living a creative life.

Each of us is gifted a box of crayons when we enter this life. Some are content with the box of 6. A box of 12, 24, 36 or 100’s are sought by others. Given the same picture to paint, each of us chooses our own view and colors. And then there are the great creators who melt the crayons all together creating new and wonderful images and designs. There really is no judgement to be had in the choices people make. When judgement is removed it is then the true picture is revealed. For the outcome is the creation rather than the creator. When you look at the Sistine Chapel do you see the face of Leonardo or do you see his creation?

“If you do not like the author, do not buy the book. Your clouded lens will obscure the true beauty hidden within the words.”- Christine Wasnie  

Rather than critiquing the creations of others, concentrate your energy on creating your own beautiful works of life. Take joy and be happy in all you create for this is what you have been called to do. If you cannot sing, you can still enjoy the voices of great tenors and sopranos, rock bands and folk artists, the Beatles. If you cannot paint, you are able to enjoy looking at works of beauty. If you cannot dance, you can tap your toes. If you do not agree, you can refrain from speaking negatively. But then again, even negative publicity sells great works of creation. Let nothing or no one in this world stop you from fulfilling your soul purpose. Hum along to the song of your own singing soul. You are the creator of your own life.

When The Time Is Right

The Singing Soul

Timing is everything as the saying goes. Timing is the beat we adhere to in our individual lives. Our timing, like our heartbeat, is felt within. Prolonged stress, excitement and every emotion we experience affects the timing of our heart. Our heartbeat is the internal drumbeat of our lives. It is the energy driver that helps us keep up with the busy pace of life. Our internal clock, the tick tock and thump thump, lets us know that indeed we are alive. Yes, when the time is right we feel it in our heart space. The heart is the go button, the stop sign, the space where time lives. Our heartbeat is our guidance system, the involuntary driver, the navigator. And if you were to turn off every clock, media and sound, would you then hear the beat of your heart and know when the time is right?

We live in a time when our…

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Angels Among Us

Sunday Angel

This is one of those stories where on an ordinary day, a day not unlike most others, you experience an angel in your midst. From out of nowhere they come forth to change the circumstance of your day, to brighten the skies gray and dim, to deliver a message of hope or inspiration, to simply smile and acknowledge your presence. Most times to bestow a gift. Regardless of the way in which they come into your life and the impact felt or the change that is made, you know and understand that this indeed is an angel sent to bring light into your world.  Angels come in all shapes and sizes. Their connection to your soul undeniable. A blessing.

Sunday was an ordinary day which held an ordinary plan for ordinary events to be carried out. Events such as completing chores and purchasing items. You know, the hub bub of daily life. But, life sometimes has other plans and circumstances can change abruptly refocusing our days direction. In an instant, coming out of left field, the days events, mood, pace and calm can come to an end. Having learned the art of letting go and accepting this unforeseen change, I set off in new directions searching for the sunshine amid the early morning haze. Along the drive, fields barren from the lingering winter were beginning to be lit with the morning sun. Geese pecking at the frozen ground were barely visible upon the leftover strands of wheat shafts still frozen upright on fields of burnt umber. The crows have returned to this still barren land and catch my eye with their black against the blue sky. The sun is rising higher and I am surrounded by warmth. My mind drifts to the earlier events of the morning. I feel my body tense against my breath which longs to deeply enter my lungs. I purposely unclench my jaw and relax my shoulders. I make the conscious effort to change my thoughts and let it all go. Flow with the river, I tell myself. They are comforting words.

I have important tasks to complete today despite the earlier disruptions to my day. One such task is to purchase new tires, my winter tires still hugging the road, as the weather is steadily becoming warmer in my corner of the world. As I interact with the knowledgeable young woman assisting me, I am impressed with the way she navigates in this mechanical world in which she works. Her coveralls only add to her cheerful disposition amid the scents and smells of rubber and grease. I am quickly on my way. I pick up a couple of items I need for home and look for a shorter checkout line. I feel my stomach rumbling and realize I am hungry but, not really wanting to take time out for a quick bite. I will wait, I convince myself. All of a sudden a woman approaches me and exclaims, ” I love your glasses!” She is bright with smiles and tattoos and quirky hair but, her sparkle is undeniable. She is the woman in front of me in line, I realize finally, as she offers to let me go ahead of her having just two items in my hands. I thank her for the kind offer and decline informing her that today I am just “chillin” as the saying goes and am in no hurry at all. She likes my response about the “chillin” and we begin to converse. We talk about glasses, optometrists, her move into the area, the difficulty in finding good service providers, you know, everyday sort of stuff. Nothing very deep just light and easy. Her mood is contagious, uplifting. Her energy undeniable. I realize I am hungry after all, throw caution to the wind and decide on an ice cream cone, despite my slightly elevated cholesterol levels. As I wait in line, she, the lady with the bright smile, slips in front of me alongside her son who is saving a place for her. We continue to laugh and talk almost oblivious to the other people surrounding us. She notices I order an ice cream cone and exclaims with glee, “are you getting dessert first” and before I can reply she says,”So am I! What a great idea!” and proceeds to order her ice cream too. She turns to thank me because she says that I have helped her in so many ways today. And then, she pays for my ice cream. I tell her how kind she is and thank her. I am once again on my way with footsteps lighter, breath softer, a smile in my heart.

I helped her! But, oh how she has helped me. Eating my ice cream I barely remember her face or the sound of her voice. I do remember her quirky hair! And I definitely remember the lightness and sunshine she imprinted on my soul. I never even asked her name and she did not ask for mine. How can anyone doubt there are angels among us. They come when we need them most, when our souls need to be replenished, when we thirst, when our hands and hearts need a squeeze. When we simply need something. There are angels among us and we are asked to take a moment, to acknowledge their presence in the most extraordinary souls that step into our day.  I do not think angels come with trumpeting horns, thunder and lightening. I do not think they arrive in chariots driven by white horses and unicorns but, I guess they could.  Angels arrive quietly, unassuming with all the energy of the Universe contained for the purpose of bringing us a gift.  Take the time to search for the feathers they may have left behind.  Those feathers let you know you have an angel watching over you. Those feathers caress your soul. Thank you Sunday Angel for brightening my day.

You Get What You Deserve

Well, right off the bat, I am sorry to disappoint my readers who believe you get what you deserve. Who told you that? I recall the statement from early childhood as a lesson for deemed inappropriate behavior. As if somehow God and the Universe were out to get you if you didn’t behave according to established familial norms and laws. How many adults have internalized these words. How many of us believe today that indeed we get what we deserve. Well, lets blow that one out of the water people. Here is the truth. You do not get what you deserve. You must create it. And now a moment of reflection.

Create it you say. What exactly does that mean? Let’s say you have been a “good” person and you believe you deserve a reward in return. If this is your belief then you might go around telling everyone of your good deeds, printing articles in papers, accepting awards and recognition, accepting gifts and accolades. This you created and your ego is happy. Or perhaps you told no one and had no expectations of a return on your goodness. Believed your goodness would find its way in the Universe to help those who need it most. And then one day you learn that your goodness helped someone through a difficult time in their life or put food on their table and clothes on their back. The recipient never knowing the contributor of their life saving fortune. Your soul is happy. You created both. The difference is, the choice is yours. Feed the ego or feed the soul. You create what you believe you deserve.

Let’s say someone created a situation that was hurtful to you, something you felt was undeserving. Again your belief may be that you need to defend yourself and tell everyone about this terrible misfortune. To attack the integrity of the offender and hurt them back. To stand strong that they must get what they deserve. Tit for tat. An eye for an eye.  Your ego will soar. Now flip the coin. Instead you simply walk away. Do not take it personally. Have value and belief in your self that no ones words or actions can hurt you unless you choose to believe that you indeed deserve it. You instead create what you truly deserve. Perhaps you owe an apology. Maybe to understand where the person has come from or is going. Everyone has a sad story. Perhaps to let it go, resolve. To come to terms with the fact that not everyone will love you, agree with you, like you. And that is OK.  You again will create what you think you deserve.

Confusing? Le me try to clarify. If you believe from the bottom of your heart that you deserve to be happy, then it is up to you to create it. In life, in relationships, inside of your self, from your soul. If you believe you deserve to be treated with respect, love and dignity, then create it in all your relationships with self and others. Create what you deserve from your soul for the ego will always lead to creations which you and no one else is deserving of. You are brought here to create beautiful things established on the canvas of life. If you don’t  already know, you are a creator along with your Divine Being. Together you create. It is not accomplished by one or the other. Creating is a joint venture. Creating all things beautiful is what we all deserve. Create it, share it, see your soul creations spread to the far reaches of the earth. Believe me when I tell you, You deserve it. Along with every other soul upon this earth.

Love Me For Me

Love me. For who I am. For who I am to be. For me.

Love me. Not the person you want me to be. For me.

Love me. For the way I capture sunlight upon my face. For me.

Love me.  For turning storm clouds into rainbows. For me.

Love me. For the mirrored tear drops that rest within the corners of my eyes. For me.

Love me. For the painted images I create in the dreams of my life. For me.

Love me. For the laughter which tickles the fear from your thoughts. For me.

Love me. For the depth of my eyes which see into the window of your soul. For me.

Love me for me so that I may love you for you.

Love me. For the mountains I turn into grassland hills, rolling and swaying in soft summer breezes. For me.

Love me. For my stillness beside the ocean waves.  For me.

Love me. For how I see the world between the leaves on the trees. For me.

Love me. For the emotions I feel when my soul and heart sing for you. For me.

Love me. Enfold me within Mary’s robe of Cerulean blue . Embrace me. 

For me.