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The Weight of Burdens

“In order to fly, you must give up the things that weigh you down.” – Toni Morrison 


Each person carries the weight of burdens on their journey upon the path. Burdens can begin at a young age, for children with no capacity to problem solve solutions. Instead these burdens are internalized and become wounds of the flesh at cellular levels within the body. Teenagers may carry burdens of bullying and peer pressure, isolation and social media out-casting. Secrecy, shame and the internal mental battle for understanding can have devastating results. Again, these burdens are internalized at the cellular level of our being. And as cells do, they grow with us into adulthood, our perceptions of life and relationships, our ability to trust, have empathy, build relationships and strong foundations going forward in life. Burdens have no function other than to weigh us down, keep us grounded, stuck. Everyone of us has within the desire to fly, to reach our soul purpose with lightness and ease.

Sometimes we deny or do not acknowledge the burdens we carry. This may be due to fear, guilt, shame or the burdens may be buried so deep we are unwilling to dig them up. Some may think they do not want to burden others, instead pretending their footsteps are light and easy. Some think they are alone and no one else would possibly understand their burdens. And for some, their burdens are so heavy, silence is the only option. But, silence and secrecy are not options. Just think for a moment of all the acts committed against humanity in secrecy and what could be different if people knew.

We are now living in a time of transparency and truth, coming forward, speaking out. The world we think we know is changing, rapidly. Old ways of doing no longer work or serve a purpose in this world. The world is waking up and speaking out, demanding to be heard. Mostly due to social media but, I believe humanity is attempting to find the courage to do what is right and just. And while changing old patterns and belief systems can be a slower process, steps are being taken on this courageous journey of souls. Progress is being made. Souls are tired and depleted carrying the burdens that others have inflicted upon them. Souls want to lay down their burdens because they know deep inside burdens keep them from fulfilling their purpose. The world is getting ready to fly. People want to soar.

The world begins with you. You laying down your burdens so that you might have the lift to take flight. To begin, think of creating a pre-flight list of all the burdens you carry from the past and present. Write every thing down and then do a check of how you feel. You may need to do this action for quite some time taking pause to check in with your feelings and to notice if you begin to feel a little bit lighter. You may need to confide in someone, share with a person you trust. And as your burdens ease and your body becomes lighter, you will then hear your soul encouraging you to fly. Just like a baby bird leaving the nest, the desire to fulfill your soul purpose will outweigh your fear.

Burdens serve no purpose other than to weigh you down and keep you grounded. Everyone carries them but, not all carry them forever. Release yourself and refuse to carry any burdens in the future. When you learn to fly life will look a whole lot different. How could it not when you are soaring among the clouds feeling the sun upon your face and reaching for the stars. Do not allow the burdens of others to ground you so that they may fly higher. Your only task is to shed your burdens so that you may feel the wind beneath your own wings. Your angels are waiting for you and are singing out the song of your soul. Look up for your burdens have kept you looking in the wrong direction for far to long. Lay down the burdens of yesterday. Be grounded in your own knowing that you can fly. 

Angels Feathers and Stones

“Souls cannot be compared for their beauty lies behind the veil. To do so would deny the mystery contained within the downy softness of white light and feathers.” – Christine Wasnie

An angel was sent to earth to learn the lessons of the stones. Stones! What lessons could possibly be held in stones? Then let me begin my story. An angel came down from heaven to earth agreeing there was one remaining lesson the angel must learn before being able to spend the rest of time doing good works in heaven. The angel, eager to begin the earthy journey, prepared for the flight back down to earth. Before leaving God asked for a meeting with the angel to prepare for the journey and bestow a gift. The angel waited patiently to be summoned into the meeting. Finally, the angel heard its name being called deep down from the depths of its soul. The angel entered the meeting room aglow with warmth and light, love and well-being.

Entering the meeting room the angel saw a table laid bare, a brown tattered and worn leather bag with a long strap resting gently upon it. The angel was instructed to pick up the bag and place it around its neck. The angel followed the instructions given but, the bag was very heavy and cumbersome placing great weight against the back, neck and shoulders. The angel asked God, “What is in this bag and why must I carry it around my neck?” “The bag contains five round stones, each lessons you must learn while on earth. Once the lessons have been learned and your bag empty you can then return to heaven” replied God, wishing the angel well on its journey. The angel prepared to leave heaven for earth looking into the leather bag ensuring that it did indeed contain five stones. In the angels hurry and excitement a small matter was overlooked. The angel forgot to re-clasp the bag shut. Wings soft and white spread open the angel began the decent. Suddenly, one of the stones slipped free from the bag and flew right through one wing leaving a rather large hole and damage to the surrounding feathers.

Landing not so gently upon the earth, the angel realized the weight around its neck had eased somewhat with one less stone. The angel began walking soon becoming parched under the summer sun. The angel came upon a well but, no pail or cup could be found nearby to retrieve the water within the well. The water was just a bit far out of the angels reach as it bent over the side trying to cup the water within its hands. The angel had an idea. I will drop one of my stones into the well and the water will rise just enough so that I may cup my hands and drink from the well. And in dropping one of the stones taken from the leather pouch, the water rose just that much. The angel drank the cool fresh water refreshed and renewed.  The load around the angels neck once again lighter, it carried on its way.

Hungry the angel noticed a fruit tree not far ahead. As the angel approached the tree it noticed the fruit was growing towards the very top branches. The land surrounding the tree barren, the angel removed a stone from the pouch placing it upon the ground near the tree. Stepping upon the stone and jumping upwards several times the angel was able to reach the beautiful fruit and eat. The weight of the bag lighter, the angel carried on. Along the journey the angel began to notice feathers white and soft strewn along side the path. Stooping to retrieve the feathers the angel placed them gently inside the worn leather bag, reminding of parts lost in the decent to earth. Feathers caressing softly the emotions of the heart.

Tired the angel searched for shelter along the road. Coming upon a mason building a house of stones the angel stopped and noticed a hole in the wall of the home. Approaching the mason tired and worn, the angel asked why a hole remained in the wall. The mason replied, ” I have used every stone available within ten miles. There is not another to be found nearby that I have the strength to carry to complete my house.” Reaching into the sack the angel produced a stone just large enough to fill the hole and complete the masons house. Overjoyed the mason invited the angel inside to sleep and rest for the night. Curling wings around, the angel slept soundly beside a warm fire, the wound in its wing allowing in a little more warmth from the fire.

The angel awakened in the early dawn of light grateful for having found water to drink, food to eat, safe housing to sleep. Continuing on realizing the bag now contained one last stone, the journey nearing the end. Walking steadily, the angel came upon an old wooden bridge, rotten and falling, secured with tattered twine, fraying. With wings still wounded the angel was aware crossing the bridge would come with risk, fear of falling, of harm, of death. The angel sat and pondered in quiet contemplation asking for guidance. Laying down the last stone and removing the bag, the angel took from the bag the white feathers found along the way. Repairing the wounded wing the angel set forth across the bridge with faith, hope and knowing. The angel crossed over to the other side, lighter, having learned the lessons set upon the map imprinted on the soul. Wings renewed, flying higher, the decent easier, home at last.


This is storytelling filled with morals and values and life lessons. The stones represent burdens we must lay down in our lifetime and the reasons why our lives are enriched because we choose to lighten our loads, easing the pain and aches piercing our hearts. Walking our path and learning the lessons along the way. The lessons in this story are yours to discover, explore and learn if you so choose. If they are not your lessons, then I hope you enjoyed the story of Angels, Feathers and Stones. I am filled with gratitude for Mona who brought to light the feathers in this story. My wish for everyone this Christmas Season is to lay down your stones and celebrate the beautiful soul you were brought here to be. Repair your soul with white light and feathers, the love of family and friends and the warmth of giving.