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I Write and I Paint Too

I love reading, writing and no, not arithmetic as the old saying goes, painting. Recalling early memories, I see myself happily painting picture books where the color was already imprinted on the pictures. You simply needed a brush and water to make the pictures magically come to life. I loved how the water moved the colors, blending to create new images. I imagine that is why today, I am enamored with Watercolor and moving paint in loose styles to create unexpected and delightful pictures. Colors blending and forming hard and soft edges in shapes unexpected and surprising. You never know what you might get!

Do I consider myself an artist. Absolutely not! I am a creator and find great joy in simply creating whether it be stories, painting or photography. The sheer abandonment of judgement and opinion from self or others opens the space for creativity to begin. Creating is healthy for my mind, body and soul. I get lost in the process of going within, listening to my soul beckoning me to explore my truth. To express my truth and how I see the world, a limited view of my own experiences and living. An understanding that I know I must create to live my own purpose. To respect my limitations and celebrate my abilities and gifts. To share and trust. To inspire others to abandon everything that others have told them and believed about what they can and can’t do, what they should and shouldn’t. To do what feels right for them.

Last week I painted a picture attempting a loose style of watercolor painting. I was pleased with the process and outcome. I am gently learning to let go of more rigid styles of creating. I post my paintings on social media sites and also enjoy seeing the paintings of other fellow creators. I posted my first loose style painting and the next morning I received a message from a friend whom I not seen in a very long time. You know how it goes, life takes us in different directions and we lose touch. The message was lovely and warm amid the chill of early morning in September. Upon reading the message, my intuition immediately told me that the picture belonged to her. Later that day I went to see her unannounced to deliver the picture as a gift. When I arrived we embraced and I gave the picture to her telling her that I had a deep knowing that she needed this gift at this time in her life.  My intuition never leads me astray and afterwards I question why I ever doubted its wisdom. The connection with my friend was warm and emotional. Yes, indeed life has been a challenge for her of late. Challenges we all face when life hits us like a wave, submerging us over and over struggling for air and breath. Understanding.

Creating and creations are meant to be shared, gifted with love. Creations are very much like the growth stages of our life. They begin in infancy, an idea, a spark of light. We choose to either nurture this idea giving it form and hope or we simply deny the possibility tossing it away. It is the energy we decide upon to either feed the spark or snuff it out that determines the outcome. As we feed it with inspiration and love it grows like a new baby. There are times when it falls but, if you don’t fall, pick yourself back up, you will never learn to keep on going. Persevere. As we find the courage to clean out the negative energy from our minds, the voice that says you are not good enough, that you could never create or comparisons to others, a new adventure begins. There is no greater judge than yourself and the voice in your own head which keeps you stuck. Everyone of us lives with the ability to have an idea. 

I started by taking one beginner class. I was blessed with a great teacher and artist who has the patience of a saint. Today, I continue to take his classes as he inspires me with his outlook on life and painting. He shares his gift with others in beautiful ways. And I still believe I am divinely guided in all my creations including writing this blog. But then again, aren’t all creations touched by the hand of God, Angels and Guides. Lighting our purpose. If you allow yourself to create, I can tell you this, you too will feel the touch of Divine inspiration. And once you do, there is no going back. Creating is what we are brought here to do. We were all created to create. To dream our dreams and bring them to life. Imagine that! 

Divine Intervention


Divine intervention is a term I have touched upon in many of my blogs. I understand the concept because I believe it is how I came to write the stories of The Singing Soul. It is a belief I strongly adhere to being of sound heart and mind. The experience of being touched by the Divine is hard to describe but, I hope the experience is somehow brought forth throughout the stories I have shared with you. 

According to the Wikipedia.org definition,” Divine intervention is a term for a miracle caused by a deity’s active involvement in the human world.” I believe the interventions of the Divine are being played out in our daily lives, in our thoughts and dreams, in the changing of the seasons, in our times of struggle and sorrow and in times of great joy. And when it happens to you, when you have awareness of the event and ongoing events being played out in your life, I can say with complete honesty, your life is forever changed.

I have been blessed in my lifetime to have read, watched and heard first hand the miracles played out in the lives of others. I always thought Divine intervention was reserved for the holy, humble, deserving, blessed, good or chosen people in our world. What I have come to understand is that these are the states of being that occur once you realize and accept that Divine intervention is being played out in your life each and every day. We are all chosen but, only a few accept and surrender to this mystery of life. Fewer still believe they are worthy of this Divine grace. 

Can you allow yourself to ponder the meaning of this truth for just one moment. The fact that we are all chosen and are able to experience the Divine working within us at all times. As human beings we have a choice, to believe it or not. To believe that we are worthy or not. To know this is the reason we came, to be divinely guided on our path in life. To actually feel the hand of the Divine on your soul, in your heart and the energy that surrounds you. Divine intervention sees you through your darkest hours beckoning you with hope and faith. Divine intervention may occur through the loving kindness of another being guided to give you strength and support, a safe harbor, a listening ear.


Divine intervention comes in many shapes and forms, some human, some not. It may be in the everyday, in the splendor of the places you explore or the memory of a long forgotten experience. In may be in a ray of sunshine or in the teardrop of a child. It may also be a whisper in your ear or the heart beat of your heart. Divine intervention occurring in your life is as unique as you are, specific to your own journey. And with a wave of your hand or a blink of your eye, it can disappear. Yet, it only takes one moment to listen, feel, and acknowledge that yes indeed, this is different, peaceful, right and tender, touching your soul in a way never experienced before.  And so, you must acknowledge and sit with it. Caress and seek once more the experience that has changed your life. The experience that has made you holy, humbled you, made you feel deserving and blessed, good and chosen. When you are able to acknowledge the Divine within you, you are able to see it in every living thing upon this planet. There is a halo that surrounds you. I know you can feel the energy shift within you.  You are a light for world. Does the thought scare you?  Don’t let it. Fear has no purpose in your truth and journey. Let the Divine touch your soul.