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Jan’s Story

Jan grew up on a farm in rural Manitoba, Canada. Farm life was a special kind of freedom to discover and appreciate nature. She found great pleasure with her animals, nature hikes, music and agriculture. Welding and plasma cutting became he passion after learning to construct focal points for her garden. Jan taps into her rural roots, love of archeology and spirituality to create magical results. A belief that a rock or a tree has something else inside of them to be released, brings to light metal creations formed from interesting shapes with the same potential.

One of Jan’s favorite pieces is an early creation called “The Helix”. With no beginning master plan, a concept came together to create three gothic spirals. These spirals have a place for light, candle and casts an amazing shadow. Not knowing what a piece of metal might have been in its former life is an advantage to Jan. This allows for no preconceived notions thus allowing the metal to develop into a myriad of possibilities.

Jan’s studio is near Lockport, Manitoba, Canada. If you are interested in discussing Jan’s metal art, you can reach her at her email address dornianj@gmail.com or visit her website http://www.steelyourartaway.com. You might also like to check out #9 Rural Craftspeople of the Prairie Farm Report 2008-2009 season, to view her work.

The video below is Jan’s story. It is a story about the journey of her soul, soul purpose and the song her soul sings. I want to thank Jan for sharing her story and also  Mona for “the connection” and video assistance. The Universe truly works in wonderful ways.


When The Rhythm of Your Life Changes

Every song has a beat. Every life has a rhythm. It is hidden within your heart, expressed through the vibration of your soul.- Christine Wasnie


Our lives have a definite rhythm that we become accustomed too early in our years. We have sleep- wake rhythms, seasonal rhythms, eating, working, and weekends. Family rhythms, holidays, creative rhythms, and somewhere in the midst of all the external rhythms lies the rhythm of us.  And sometimes, difficult life circumstances or unforeseen events knock the rhythm right out of us.

Your natural rhythm is how you come to know yourself, your place in the world, others, how you relate and move about. It is an awareness of your energy within. When your energy is powerful or when it is weak requiring rest and rejuvenation, or letting you know when you feel just a bit off. Most people are aware of their own rhythms and how they affect you on a daily basis. When we are living and working within our natural rhythms, everything seem to flow.

I think newborn babies become our first rhythm changers making us completely aware that we must sacrifice our own rhythms and adapt to theirs. Be they human or animal, babies none the less.  How do we or did we do it. And how long did we endure the sleepless nights, hungry days dragging our selves with little energy to perform the daily required tasks, crying, laughing, but still somehow getting everything accomplished with time for peaceful joyous moments with our newborn life. Breathing them in, breathing out and letting go. Gratitude for the joy they bring, grateful for the love you give.

Unexpected life events, things we never see coming around the corner can also change our rhythms.  Losses seem to be the greatest rhythm breakers and hit us smack dab in the heart space. Things we once knew for sure and counted on turned upside down. We lose touch with the essence of ourselves, our song, our soul. This is the rhythm of grief, one of the deepest pains we can experience. Life changes require time and healing, a chance to find a new rhythm to  life encompassing old tried and true ways of coping and finding new ways and means to live in the changed landscape of life. The timeline is not fixed and is unique to each individual experiencing the life change. It cannot and should not be judged by others as to do so would rob this person of their knowing and own internal power. Everyone knows the truth of who they are. If you live with shame and guilt of what happened to you, stop that story. You cannot go back and fix it. This negative thinking is what keeps you stuck. Accept what has happened and move on. Acceptance is the key. Drama of what once was need not be played out. The act of the play is completed. The curtain has fallen. Take a bow. You made it. Now onto the next act of your life, but this time, the act you alone have written. Be the star in your own play.

 “Speak out, shout out, be out. Whispering no longer serves you. “- Tim Storey

If you live long enough, at times life will be difficult and you will lose your rhythm. Choose to go inward to find it again. The answer lies there. Sit in stillness. Walk in nature. Move away from the busyness and drama of life and living. Your soul will sing to you as gently as the mother who sings lullabies to her newborn baby. You are born with your own rhythm to life. It will never forget who you are and will remind you of the beautiful soul you were meant to be. Sing again. Hear the sound of your own heart beating. Hear the grass blowing in the wind. Hear the waves crash upon the seashore. I’m Here.

IMG_1801Photography by Christine Wasnie, “Nature Speaks”