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Life and Life Changing Events

Let’s face it, life has been surreal this past year and for more than one of us, the past few years. We are in a time of transition. A time to break out of old patterns of behavior, relationships, jobs, thinking, living, beliefs which no longer serve us or speak to the truth of who we are. Whether we are aware of this concept or refuse to take a look at the recent and past events of our lives, change is upon us. We are being asked to step up to the plate and reveal the truth of who we are.

In the recent past an opportunity to have my birth chart read by one of the most respected astrologers in our country fell into my lap. I had been considering this concept for many years and really enjoy reading and learning about astrology. The Universe fascinates me and my scientific mind to say the least. I was not disappointed. The information shared simply astounded me. A life changing event. It was the doorway for me to speak my truth, know myself and write my book. I describe it as becoming the emperor with no clothes. The courage to go through the doorway to writing a brand new chapter in my life. The reading was simply the pen, the tool. A profound life changing event.

Having your birth chart read is not for everyone. Nor is a tarot card reading or any other type of divination. Not even religion or spirituality. But, what is common is the search for inner purpose and peace in our souls. For divine guidance and answers. Understanding and knowing. To answer the big question of Why. There are several roads and tools to assist in answering this question. Deep meditation in any way, shape or form is beneficial. Time for contemplation and quiet to hear your own voice and connect with your soul. I believe everyone of us experiences a life changing event at some point in our lives to provide that understanding. Enlightenment. Aha!

Every experienced event changes the course of your life in some way. Whether it be travel, a move, a new job, a loss, a friend, illness, joy, love. Absolutely everything you live and love changes you right along with the cells of your body. Every change occurs so that you will finally come to know yourself and why you are here. And if you believe the stars in the sky were aligned in a certain pattern in the sky the day you were born, then that is OK too. Your beliefs belong in your own story of life not to be determined or written by others. All the others are just characters in your story. Some bring great laughter and joy, others pain and sorrow. All bring lessons in the dance of life. All help us in the search for ourselves.

So I encourage you to ponder the life changing  event or events in your life. What part of you was affected most. How did your life change and how did you perceive these changes. Did you take a victim stance or did you jump for joy at the possibility of a new life direction and opportunity. Can you look back with a tear in your eye or an upturned smile on your lips. Do you now live and speak the truth of who you are. Do you welcome them with an open mind and heart or do you cower in fear. Gratitude. Life and life changing events. Miraculous I say.


Release Those Toxins

Over time our bodies are exposed to various toxins that affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When we are exposed to toxins, they are ingested through our bodies, our minds, our soul. There are environmental toxins such as the contaminated air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the recreational drugs we consume. Emotional toxins consist of guilt, shame, self-esteem issues, hate, resentment and jealousy. Bullying and abuse. Everything opposite of love. Spiritual toxins remove you and take you far away from your soul purpose. These toxins accumulate with the business of life and constant doing, getting, wanting, and needing. Loosing touch with the self.  Toxins in all forms are stored within the cells of our bodies, minds and heart causing accumulated stress and damage over time.

We are all aware of the environmental toxins affecting our health because we read and hear about them everyday. Food recalls and safe handling, new diseases and contamination make us take heed and be aware as the rules and regulations change daily to meet the challenges faced by our society. Emotional toxins are not topics we discuss often enough until their effects destroy lives and impact our daily living. Emotional toxins are stored deep within us, in our tissues, our hearts and minds. Because we may be reluctant to expose these toxins, we instead tuck them deep down out of fear and shame.  Everyone of us has been exposed to emotional toxins to some degree. Some more than others. If not addressed, discussed and healed these emotional toxins cause emotional damage to ourselves, our relationships and families. Spiritual toxins also cause damage. Living our lives to the beat of someone else’s drum, fulfilling the dreams of others, living a lie of who we really are and adhering to beliefs that are not true for us, cause spiritual pain. Sometimes this is the story of our whole lives reaching the end with regret and sorrow. Toxins eat away at us destroying the beautiful souls we were born to be.

Toxins must be released on a regular basis. To release these toxins change is always required, sometimes surface changes and others deep and profound. A detox is required on all levels of being. An elimination that once again restores holistic health, physical, emotional and spiritual. A close and introspective examination of what is no longer serving you, what is no longer healthy for you, what is no longer in the best interests of your overall well-being and purpose. What is harming you. You can feel toxins within your body if you take the time to listen, feel and observe yourself. To pay attention to your soul when it alerts you to what does not feel right for you. Are you aware of that feeling? It is called your intuition. Do you listen to it or are your constantly pushing it aside, ignoring the red flags. Do you tell yourself it doesn’t matter or worse you don’t matter. Do you constantly internalize the opinions of others and their beliefs about you rather than trusting and having the strength to believe in your own? Do you know what you believe, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Before a detox can occur, there must be an complete self-scan and examination.

Time for a full body scan at all levels is a priority for ourselves. A time out. A re-evaluation of our life purpose, our life path, what we put in, what we give out. What we can change to feel better, healthy, less burdened and weighed down. How we can bring more joy and happiness into our lives. How we can feel good about who we are and why we are here. The bottom line is, we need to release toxins and believe that it is in our power to do so. Empowerment. Release the victim mentality that holds you captive in a prison of your own making. Explore the beautiful release experiences available to us all. Yoga, green clean eating programs, Reiki and Tai Chi. Bicycling and therapy, meditation and nature. Walking and pets, rescue and adoption. Volunteering and service. A good neighbor, a good soul. A smile and a hello. A much needed goodbye. Learning the word ‘no’ is a complete sentence. There are a multitude of ways to detox most of which cost nothing. You deserve the life you were brought here to live. Believe me when I tell you, no one other than you will give you that life. Your life, your responsibility. Do yourself a favor and release the toxins from your life. It begins with the word ‘yes’ for yourself.

Purpose Eases The Journey


What is your purpose in life? Do you know, ponder upon it or give it no thought at all? Is it an important question to ask yourself? I think, it is the most important question of all requiring deep thought, pondering and reflection, in stillness away from the hubbub of life.  When you have awareness of your purpose, the journey of life is lit with strength and determination. It is an inner happiness state of being, freedom from the weight of struggles we face each day. It is through our greatest life challenges and darkest hours, our purpose is revealed.

A life of purpose changes the energy vibrations within us. We are able to skip over the obstacles laid upon our path of life because we know there is a reason for our being. With purpose we are reminded that no matter where we are right now, it is not forever. We know the purpose of our life is the goal, the  direction we are headed. Purpose gives meaning to our life.

Can you bring to mind two people you may know, one with purpose and one who wanders without. What are the characteristics of each? The one living with purpose lives their own life without entangling themselves in the lives of others. They have friendships and relationships of every kind but, have firm boundaries between themselves and others. Individuals with purpose have no time to devote their lives to ongoing dramas and chaos because they know what they are here to do. Others are not required to direct their lives, tell them what to do, where to go and so on. Purpose filled people follow their own inner map of knowing and no one or nothing veers them off of their journey. Purposeful people have a deep inner knowing and understanding, a deep faith in their journey. When we have purpose we see life differently. Think of Nelson Mandela,  Lady Gaga or someone in your community who makes a difference in lives of others. Each one born with a purpose no less or more than the others.

Individuals who lack purpose are wanderers, seeking. Lost and unable to find their path. The struggles of life harder, more complex, more chaotic. For some reason, they have lost contact with their knowing and inner voice. Often, it is the overwhelming traumas that have impacted their life, the basic unmet needs of love and nurture.  Life purpose becomes the struggle for survival in countries overcome by war and suppression. Judgement by others has no place in their personal struggle for purpose but, deep inside of them it is still there, sleeping quietly.

While we are all born knowing our life purpose, life does cast a shadow on knowing for many people. And that is the reason and purpose we are all called upon to fulfill, service to others.  To give back, ease the suffering and struggles, compassion and empathy. Without judgement, which I will be the first to say is not as easy as it seems. With the best of intentions, we still judge and struggle with service to others. Admitting this trait within us is the first step to overcoming. Our shadow sides must be acknowledged and worked on if we are to change or thoughts, actions and feelings. We must bring the shadow into the light. Perhaps if we think of service to others as a means of helping them find their life purpose,  the choices we make would be gentler, more loving.

Again I ask you, what is your purpose in life? Dare to ask yourself, dare to follow the calling of your soul. Ease your journey.