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Life in Black and White

“I was born into a world of black and white. The only problem was I remembered the colours of the life I was meant to live.” – Christine Wasnie 

I am sure many of you have had the opportunity to view old pictures and videos in black and white depicting life before the 1960’s or there about. Many of you may have grown up in those times, the eras of rules, matter of fact ways, no deviation from the so called norms and customs. When I think about it, the only color imaginable may have been on the lips of women in shades of bright red and orange. Father, mother, children and pet in cities and rural settings all lined up in a perfect row. In these times there were no gray areas. Instead the preferred and adhered to view was simply black and white.

Black and white views and living are rigid where petrified patterns are difficult to break out of. Uncertainty and the unknown feared and unwelcome. Even though black and white photos are limited in their use today,  many people continue to adhere to this view of life and living. The idea that this is how life is for me and should be for all others on the face of the planet. Black and white thinking is fear based. Fear of going to hell. Fear of disapproval from family and friends. Fear of loss. Fear, fear, fear. To ease anxieties it is far easier to control life with black and white thinking rather than open the full box of crayons. Choice and free will.

Life today is an open palette based on the primary colors of life. Mixed, blended and true, life is a blank canvas of creative passion. Most embrace this color extravaganza with enthusiasm and glee. A never ending adventure. A life far from the fear based black and white we thought was left in the dust long ago. We are definetly called upon to color outside the lines, think beyond the outdated and apply the palette of our choosing to everyday living. To really see the color combinations painted in the lives of our families and friends, cultures and politics, laws and love.

For you see, fear and control are the colors of black and white. There cannot be love when there is fear. You cannot control life when you are coloring with a full box of crayons. Black and white living leaves no room for options. We were all given a full box of crayons when we came to this earth. Some of us entered a life where black and white thinking was taught. But, as adults we always have choice. Our world is a world of color so why should the life inside your thoughts be any different. If you fear making changes then start with the primary colors of blue, red and yellow, the source and beginning of all other color. Perhaps, begin with a little yellow, the color of the sun. When you let in a little bit of sun it chases away all the dark shadows of black and white. For without the sun in your life, there is no color.

There are times in life when the color seeps away and fear takes hold of our every thought and action. The color drains from our faces and is replaced with an anxiety in the pit of our stomachs so overwhelming that we could not search for the sun even if we tried. These are the trials and tribulations of life. When we are called upon to rise above and find the strength to conquer our fears. To really listen to the voice of our soul. To come to terms with the changing landscape of our life. These are the times to believe that everything and everyone happens for a reason. To teach us something about ourselves. Perhaps a love we never believed was possible. A wise soul once told me, you cannot control what life gives you, only your response to it. This I know for sure. And when it does, if you only have a black and white crayon in your hand, ask someone who views the world in full color to share their box of colorful crayons with you so you too may begin to paint yourself out of the shadows and into life once again.