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Speak To Me

Speak to me in soft whispers so I may hear your words. Speak to me in angel wisps floating on feathered billowed clouds. Speak to me in words uplifting so I may rise above. Speak to me in whispers echoing the voice within my soul.

Speak to me when I am laughing so I might glimpse the upturned corners of your smile. Speak to me through giggles and belly glee so I may watch your cheeks roll with joy. Speak to me in whispers elating my soul.

Speak to me when I am sad so I may feel the comfort of your heart. Softly, softly sit beside my tears and wipe away my fear so I might see your hand comfort with gentle caress. Speak to me in notes and tones of blue and pink, rainbows and sunshine, the colors of my soul.

Speak to me when I am dreaming of you with eyes fluttered shut. Watch my peaceful dreaming thoughts against the reality of this life. Catch my dreams upon your own forgotten long ago. Speak to me in whispers as we dream dreams and travel on carpets of magic woven together with the golden strands of my soul.

Speak to me when I long for love so that I may see a world of hope. Whisper stories filled with gentle breezes and grassy meadows, hills and streams, fairies and butterflies. Mirror back to me all the love stored within you so I might feel it upon the widow to my soul.

Speak to me in whispers. Whisper to me always. In your whispers I recognize the sounds of heaven and home. In your whispers I can see you. In your whispers I come to know myself. The angels whisper. The earth whispers. The summer breeze and the moon. Speak to me. Whisper my name with love and light.                                                       

                                                                  To my grandchildren.                                                       

                                                                  Whispered with love.

Love Me For Me

Love me. For who I am. For who I am to be. For me.

Love me. Not the person you want me to be. For me.

Love me. For the way I capture sunlight upon my face. For me.

Love me.  For turning storm clouds into rainbows. For me.

Love me. For the mirrored tear drops that rest within the corners of my eyes. For me.

Love me. For the painted images I create in the dreams of my life. For me.

Love me. For the laughter which tickles the fear from your thoughts. For me.

Love me. For the depth of my eyes which see into the window of your soul. For me.

Love me for me so that I may love you for you.

Love me. For the mountains I turn into grassland hills, rolling and swaying in soft summer breezes. For me.

Love me. For my stillness beside the ocean waves.  For me.

Love me. For how I see the world between the leaves on the trees. For me.

Love me. For the emotions I feel when my soul and heart sing for you. For me.

Love me. Enfold me within Mary’s robe of Cerulean blue . Embrace me. 

For me.