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The Reality of Our Reality

What is the reality of your life? How does your story read when you think about it from birth till now? And in this very moment, stop what you are doing, and take a look around you. What is your reality in this time and place? For you my dear readers, the reality is, you look at this moment in time completely different from all others who might share your same space and time. Did you think we all have the same reality? We do not even share the same concept of space and time. Our perceptions, our reality, is based primarily on our own past experiences, the colors we see, the scents we smell. A whole host of experiences unique to us. Our life experiences are uniquely our own and are not shared in entirety with others.

Try this experiment. Take yourself and two friends to a specific place. Say, a store, a musical festival, a walk in the park. Stay together, walk the same route, talk together as you normally would. Have this shared experience for 30 to 60 minutes. Afterwards, sit down for coffee and each of you write out your experience. Things like what you saw, heard, smelled, tasted, liked, disliked. What stood out the most. Then share your experiences. How many experiences were similar or different. Were you all in the same place?

We assume everyone shares a common experience. That everyone includes our family, friends, co-workers, basically everyone sharing the same space in time. The reality is we do not. And yet, it is this assumption that causes the most grief. We do not take the time or put in the effort to discover how others see the world around us. We make the big assumption that our reality is the reality of others. The truth is, we make huge assumptions about others and life. We rarely dive deep to discover the reality of others.  Or why their reality is different from ours.

When you ponder deeply, it is kind of like living in “the matrix”. It makes you think, what is real or reality anyway. How I see myself then, may not be how others see me and vise versa. Does it even matter how others see me or is it more important how I see myself? We even see the same people differently. We come to know ourselves through the eyes of others. The opinions of others shape our personalities, our choices, instill doubt. The reactions of others send ripples through our realities. We constantly change ourselves to suit the realities of others. To fit in with the reality of others. We therefore, continually  lose touch with our own reality. We lose touch with ourselves, why we are here, what we are meant to do.

Our own reality is important. It is our truth. It is no less or more than the truth of others. Maybe our reality is our soul. Whatever it is, it is us. Unique, rare, beautiful, worthwhile, loved, celebrated. You are your reality and your reality is you. Your reality is created in everything you touch, think, speak, love, share, breathe. Unplug from the group dynamic and simply be you. Real, authentic and loving the life reality you are in.  Celebrate the commonalities among us, even though they may be few and far between. Better yet, celebrate the differences. For that is where the jewel lies. It is in the reality of life and living from different perspectives, voices, gender, age, color, tradition, religion and simply the different. Our realities combined, create the tapestry of life. Woven together they become us, the reality of this Universe. A Universe so vast and yet, even today moving forward, we continue to search for our own reality and why we are here. Our truth lies in our reality.