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Stay Out of the Fray

Non-engagement is quite an old philosophy. Todays language speaks of “the fray”. Which ever language you use to describe battle, war, fighting or chaos, I think fray speaks of it well. Wise words they are. Good advice, yes. Why you might ask. Because no good comes from fighting and involvement in the battles and ensuing chaos created by others.

Non-engagement or away from the fray does not necessarily imply a do nothing attitude. Rather, the do something involves positive actions and words, creating win-win solutions, rising above the situation and seeing from a higher perspective. And yes, sometimes walking away all together when people and situations are intent on winning, a my way or the highway attitude, control and overpowering others. A stance of “call me when you are willing to create a positive solution”, is a powerful position of staying out of the fray.

There are people out there who thrive on creating chaos and battles with others. They do so because of the inner chaos they experience within themselves. Unable to deal with their own issues, they instead create problems with others and seek chaotic crowds intent on destruction to surround and join their merry team. Often convincing and passionate, charismatic even, everyone joins the bandwagon of battle. Now imagine yourself on the outskirts watching this bandwagon. How do you feel being apart from the fray?

Solutions are impossible once everyone has gone to war. For you see that is precisely when group think occurs. The leader is right, all knowing, all seeing. Everyone else just willing to do the leaders bidding, their own thoughts of justice ad fairness, what is right and wrong, gone. Adrenaline rushing, mouths flapping, emails and texting a twitter, gossip flying, lives ruined, hurt and bitter. The fray is not for the faint hearted. The fray is for the ego.

Stay out of the fray. Choose no side other than the side of your own knowing of what is fair and just. Keep your own counsel. Hold your own thought and tongue. For one day the fray may rise against you. Justice always prevails in the end. Keep your soul as your guide, your confidant, your truth. Your soul knows you cannot resolve the issues of the other. That alone is their own lesson to learn on the journey of their life. Stay out of the fray. Focus your energy on creating your own life.