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There Are Weeks

“There are those who squint when the sun shines upon their face. There are those who raise their face to the sun and bask in it’s warmth. Hold onto the ones with the smile for they are adventurous souls.” – Christine Wasnie


There are weeks and then there are weeks! The past two weeks have been those very kind of weeks where you sit back, scratch your head, curse and swear and yes, take some time for a little pity party. These are the weeks that force you to ponder, pause and breathe. To contemplate and ask yourself the question, “What is the message here?” For, in everything there is an underlying lesson.

It all began with an unexpected encounter with a beautiful one year old Irish Setter while out for my daily walk with my nine-year old Bichon Poodle. I could see the Irish Setter approaching from the distance with its owner who obviously could not control this exuberant, lively, excited young dog. In his excitement to greet my dog, he ran towards me wrapping his leash around my legs and yanking my feet out from under me. Down to the concrete I plummeted, landing on my hip, ribs and back. Ouch! The owner was so apologetic and the young dog, oblivious to the chaos, just happy to sniff my dog. I wobbled home thankful nothing appeared broken but, in rough shape just the same. Doctoring myself up, I hit a hot shower and climbed into bed with heated flax bags hoping for the best.

Waking the next morning, sore cannot begin to describe my previous days injuries. To add to the moaning of it all, I now have a full-blown cold compromised with the flu. I really could not tell if I ached more from the fall or from the flu. At this point, I don’t think it really mattered. The fever kept me sleeping most of the day, not exactly what the doctor ordered to keep my sore muscles limber. The cold, flu, pulled leg muscles and bruised hip and ribs took me a two full weeks to recover from. The recovery period in the third act of life seems to take twice as long. My spouse reminding me of my age and to be patient was really not that helpful to say the least. 

Finally, I felt well enough to once again venture into the brave big world and go for a walk with my dog on a beautiful sunny morning. I am grateful I can once again walk, albeit slowly. Moving forward is a must for me. And then out of nowhere, I have an emotional encounter with someone from my past. Tears flow easily it seems this past two weeks. Perhaps it is a requirement for my emotional growth. A process of healing. The next day I attend choir practice and sing loudly with glee. Despite my coughing and crackled voice, I am happy to be back singing with this wonderful group of women. We head out for lunch together after practice and enjoy delicious prepared quiches and lattes prepared that morning. Laughing and sharing, my soul is beginning to once again feel recovered and happy.

Returning home I decide it is a good day for weeding and gardening. My spouse is cutting the grass as I go into the garage in search of my gardening supplies. Thinking he has used them, I ask him where he has put my trolley cart. He replies, “In the garage!” I return to the garage wondering perhaps if I have lost some of my sight this past two weeks and discover that not only my gardening tools but, bikes, chain saws and various other items are missing. We have been robbed!

There comes a time when you just need to stop. Stop and put life and events into perspective. Sit and contemplate. Search for the sun among the rain clouds, the life raft in stormy seas. The laughter and joy amid disappointment and tears. The lesson. I have never taken on a victim role in my life circumstance. The “poor me” attitude keeps people stuck and living a life of lacking rather than abundance. I go in search of the bright spot. The cadmium yellow in the paint tray. This way of living and thinking has served me well throughout the trials of my life. Although, I admit some days are harder than others. I am grateful that no bones were broken in my fall, that my dog did not get loose and get hit by a car. The flu gave me time to pause and think, perhaps I am working a bit too hard and not enjoying life enough. To realize that despite how much you love someone, they may not always love you back. And stuff is just stuff that can always be replaced. No one lost a life or limb. We cannot control life, only our reaction to it.

There is a lesson in everything. No wiser words were ever spoken or written by I am not sure who but, they are the wisest words of all. I have learned to live by them and they shed light on the fact the sun will always come out tomorrow. These words are, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Life is an adventure. Ride the wave onto the shore. There are no mistakes. I wonder what this week will bring. Whatever life brings my way, I pray I will meet it with a grateful ❤️.