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Life and Life Changing Events

Let’s face it, life has been surreal this past year and for more than one of us, the past few years. We are in a time of transition. A time to break out of old patterns of behavior, relationships, jobs, thinking, living, beliefs which no longer serve us or speak to the truth of who we are. Whether we are aware of this concept or refuse to take a look at the recent and past events of our lives, change is upon us. We are being asked to step up to the plate and reveal the truth of who we are.

In the recent past an opportunity to have my birth chart read by one of the most respected astrologers in our country fell into my lap. I had been considering this concept for many years and really enjoy reading and learning about astrology. The Universe fascinates me and my scientific mind to say the least. I was not disappointed. The information shared simply astounded me. A life changing event. It was the doorway for me to speak my truth, know myself and write my book. I describe it as becoming the emperor with no clothes. The courage to go through the doorway to writing a brand new chapter in my life. The reading was simply the pen, the tool. A profound life changing event.

Having your birth chart read is not for everyone. Nor is a tarot card reading or any other type of divination. Not even religion or spirituality. But, what is common is the search for inner purpose and peace in our souls. For divine guidance and answers. Understanding and knowing. To answer the big question of Why. There are several roads and tools to assist in answering this question. Deep meditation in any way, shape or form is beneficial. Time for contemplation and quiet to hear your own voice and connect with your soul. I believe everyone of us experiences a life changing event at some point in our lives to provide that understanding. Enlightenment. Aha!

Every experienced event changes the course of your life in some way. Whether it be travel, a move, a new job, a loss, a friend, illness, joy, love. Absolutely everything you live and love changes you right along with the cells of your body. Every change occurs so that you will finally come to know yourself and why you are here. And if you believe the stars in the sky were aligned in a certain pattern in the sky the day you were born, then that is OK too. Your beliefs belong in your own story of life not to be determined or written by others. All the others are just characters in your story. Some bring great laughter and joy, others pain and sorrow. All bring lessons in the dance of life. All help us in the search for ourselves.

So I encourage you to ponder the life changing  event or events in your life. What part of you was affected most. How did your life change and how did you perceive these changes. Did you take a victim stance or did you jump for joy at the possibility of a new life direction and opportunity. Can you look back with a tear in your eye or an upturned smile on your lips. Do you now live and speak the truth of who you are. Do you welcome them with an open mind and heart or do you cower in fear. Gratitude. Life and life changing events. Miraculous I say.


Frontyard Backyard Reflections

As I wander through my neighborhood and community, I have come to understand that our front yard spaces and backyard spaces reflect two very different flora and fauna and perhaps the two opposing sides of ourselves.

“I’ve stayed in the front yard all my life. I want a peek at the back where it’s rough and untended and hungry weed grows.”  A Song in the Front Yard by Gwendolyn Brooks


Front yards frame our home, the place we nest, rest, grow, nurture and shelter our authentic selves. The front yard shows people who pass by or come visiting the impression we wish to present of who it is that lives inside. Often it is the well-tended, manicured, weeded, watered, slightly perfected reflection of who we want to represent. Is the front yard then just a landscaped mask hiding the authentic selves that live inside?

The backyard spaces I believe, truly reflect our genuine selves, be they overgrown with weeds and thorns or landscaped with love and tenderness attracting birds, bees, butterflies and critters. Those who also feel that this too might be home in the trees and crevices that mark  this sacred space that we keep hidden from view. The backyard may be the space where we allow ourselves to play, childlike and adventurous, creative.  Ever wonder why we choose to fence in our backyards. What do we have to hide? Who are we trying to keep in or out? Who do we choose to share this backyard space with besides the other residents of our home. Away from view, do our backyards symbolize our true selves.

If the backyard is indeed a reflection of our true selves, why do we keep it hidden? And why do we spend so much time and energy perfecting the spaces that do not reflect who we are. We may say it is because there is not enough time or resources so we must choose between the two. I ask the question then, what is of more importance in this life than living and exposing the real you and focusing your energy there. Creating the space that nurtures your heart and soul because it is this space that reflects the self people most long to see and share. I am not saying that the front yard should be overrun and untended but, rather that the space that surrounds you should reflect You, both exposed and hidden. In other words, our inner and outer selves should  be congruent with self-confident pride and joy.

However you tend the garden of your soul there is always two sides to everything. Create your hidden spaces as reflections of your true authentic self. Invite others in to share who you are. Find the courage in your weeds that continue to grow despite the energy taken to rid them, for they teach us a resilient life. Take time to smell the aroma of the flowers, they are the nectar of your soul. Choose the plant life that reflects your passion for living and the bees and butterflies like people in your life will wander the path of your yard along with you. Thank you for allowing me to visit your backyard. Next time I hope to journey with the real you. Your authentic self. The true reflection of your SOUL.

Photography by Christine Wasnie, “Nature Speaks”