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Summer in the Northern Hemisphere


It is 5 o’ clock on the morning of the Full Moon In Capricorn. The eastern sky is on fire with the rising sun, orange and red dimming to shades of violet and gray as clouds form in the west where daylight has yet to awaken. July 9th holds the promise of energy packed planets coming together to promote self-awareness, inner work that is often messy but, necessary. It is Sunday in summer in the Northern Hemisphere and as I write this blog, the wren still sings outside my window in the tree filling the day with promise.

Bees arrive and begin the symphonic hum among the Goats Beard and Salvia. Busy travelling to and fro between flower and hive, they remind us the season is indeed short and sweet. The days long, the nights dim, light overshadows darkness. A much-needed respite from life.  Energy abounds with the heat of summer. Every shade and hue of green permeates the landscape and long hours of day. Sunlight permits green to exist for without it green ceases to be. Day begins. Coffee on the patio beckons. Morning meditation and reflection. The scent of freshly mowed dewy grass fills my breath. The heat of the day begins to rise.

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is laced with activity. In winter we sleep but, summer is a time for movement and doing. There are market gardens filled with baking and homemade wares. Patient hands have worked all winter to prepare for the weekend gathering of watering taste buds searching for hints of summer.  Marathons, walk-a-thons and bike-a-thons raise money for various causes. We attend folk fests, music fests and ballet in the park sitting on blankets and beach chairs and swaying our heads to and fro with smiles that light up the night sky. Bonfires, wiener roasts, marshmallows and s’mores. Mosquitos and sunscreen. Fresh strawberry pie.

We garden, trim and weed. Planters overflow with bright flowers of every color.  There are barbeques and patio parties and festivals of every kind. Zumba and yoga outside in communities dotted along waterfront rivers, lakes and parks. People are out and about dog walking, jogging and laughing up and down streets and avenues. There are campers, tenters and mobile homes dotted along highways destined for provincial and private parks. Cabins disappear once more into the foliage of surrounding forests. Boaters, wake-boarders and paddle boats skim across lakes echoing sounds of harsh roaring motors or soft ripples of cool water. Against the blue sky sailboats sail, blending with soft clouds floating, suspended. Sand castles, sun hats and shovels form around children playing on shores of sand and grass. Giggles and wonder fill this moment in time. Through the haze of summer heat the picture painted is familiar and warm.

Visitors visit having travelled from lands far away. There are tours of historic sites, parades and fan fare. Dancing and bands, soul food from various cultures lure with sizzling smoke billowing from street vendors along attractions and city streets. Bare feet, sandals and flip-flops produce musical beats against the background of summer scurry. Artists sit, draw and paint, focused. Intent on capturing colors that only the summer sun can illuminate and cast shadows deep and dark. Picnics and laying on blankets in the grass,  sun-glassed eyes form cloud pictures and memories from childhood. Baby toes peek out from strollers pushed by parents adorned with back packs and baby wipes, bottles and snacks.

Summer is a time of renewal, healing and rejuvenation. Transforming from cocoon to butterfly. Our mission is to fly towards the sun, flitting from flower to flower, gathering and supping the sweet nectar summer brings. We bask in the heat and raise our faces toward cool northern breezes. Hair loose and blowing free, muscles melt away tension. Shorts and sun dresses, sleeveless shirts expose skin white once bound tightly, snow mummies with frozen fingers and toes. Freckles and age spots, suntanned golden brown bodies reappear, youthful at every age.  Summer is a time to reconnect with our spirit, the spirit of others, the spirit of the sun. To harness all the possibilities summer brings in its brief stay here in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though the time is short, the energy of summer compares to no other season in our life. Throughout Fall, Winter and Spring, we long for the season of summer. Summer is good for the soul.  Happy summer Northern Hemisphere!