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Write and Speak the Beautiful

“Painting Ladies in Summer” series in oil created by Christine Wasnie

The news and everything newsworthy is focused on the negative and troubling events in our world. People, places, things and animals. Fish and sea. The 5 W’s of life. Who, what, where, when and why. The foundations of investigative journalism. But, what if we focused those 5 W’s on the positive events instead. What might those stories look like. What emotions would be triggered as a result and how might we discuss up lifting stories with others?

To write and broadcast the beautiful is difficult. We think people will become bored, not believe us or worse think we live our lives within a fairytale. People who speak and write the beautiful, the miracles, are percieved donning rose coloured glasses. We naturally gravitate to drama, crisis and fear based thinking and speaking. Negative energy takes over and drives our thoughts, feelings and actions. Sets the pace of our days. Our dreams and wishes. Our goals. Our life. Bleak, to say the least. Must our reality focus on the negative every day occurring events. Is there room for positive life affirming hopeful realities? Because positive events are realities too. Is there balance in how we speak and write our own stories?

Let’s apply the 5 W’s to positive newsworthy highlights to catch a glimpse of what those stories might look like. I will start with Who. Who can and will be everyday people. We are all stars in our own right. Each has a heart and soul. Each a purpose. Each capable of doing good and yes, great deeds. What. This is where the beauty is hidden. There are everyday events in the lives of everyday people that are wrapped in beauty and wonder, goodness and light. Stories of ways and means and people in need. Actually, the what is the beautiful story just waiting to be written. You have the pen in your hand, the thought in your mind. A spark. Where. The where is everywhere. In your own homes. In neighbourhoods and communities across the world. The where is no different than the places experiencing crisis and often where the most healing is required. Where the miracles are hidden within the aftermath of crisis. When. The when is now. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Mindfulness teaches us that this moment is all we truly have. Why? Because there are two sides to everything. Good and bad. Dark and light. Crisis and peace. The why challenges all of us to strive toward peace. To write and speak the calm into our lives. To note the everyday miracles and synchronistic events. We have no problem rationalizing the why’s in crisis. We simply toss away the why’s in the song of a wren who sings as we awake and drift off to sleep. 

Why don’t we take time to explore the positive stories in depth? To really get to the heart and soul of the matter. The beauty. Why do we brush them aside as if they have no value or worth in our society. The challenge is for us to become peaceful reporters. To report the beautiful and uplifting in our lives. To write and speak inspiring stories of others, their achievements and miracles. To search for the beautiful in everyone and everything. The beautiful in their 5 Ws. I do not think it is hard to find these stories or to report them. To simply share. They are occurring around us all the time. We instead prefer to report the drama and our views about it. To pass judgement. Is it possible to change our focus. The life events we choose to give our energy to. The energy we choose to share with others. Who would you pick as the newscaster to broadcast affirming life events. Perhaps you will choose yourself. You can write and speak the beautiful.